Another ‘wrong charger’ story.

14 Oct

Wrong Charger so quit charging E-Cigarettes life savers with everything that goes wrong from pilot error!

underdogs bite upwards

Quickie. I am enganged in sorting what gets transferred to the new computer and what gets left on backup. Ribs now allow me to move things… carefully.

A man was hospitalised after an Electrofag exploded and blew his legs off… well no, not really. The clue is well hidden in the article.

It is believed he was using a third-party charger that did not come with the original e-cigarette.

So it wasn’t an Electrofag at all. Once again it was a case of lithium battery, wrong charger. As for his needing three months of skin grafts, I have had more damage falling over drunk. It leaves scars. I have never had a skin graft although I once had an ulcerated cut (wasn’t even drunk that time) and had to use a topical antibiotic called Cicatrin (brilliant stuff) until it grew back. Left a scar that gets UFO buffs excited…

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