Now we’re going to party like it’s 1939

18 Jan

underdogs bite upwards

I have to finish Panoptica, even with 7-day working, if it kills me. When I finish it, the Gubblement will probably kill me because they’ll think I’ve stolen their secret manifestos.

It has to be soon because it’s happening. Linked from Twitter is VGIF’s post of a transcript of a speech given By Christopher Hitchens. In which he talks about the infantilisation of people.

He was absolutely right. It’s been going on for a long time in subtle ways and blatant ways. It’s easy to notice the ‘you can’t have guns in case you hurt someone’ and ‘you can’t have these foods because you’ll eat too much of them’ and so on. Those are things you say to children. Yet there are other things that are just accepted.

If I have a (rare these days) takeaway coffee I take the lid off to drink it. I have actually had…

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