A Little Experiment with Baccy and Alcohol===The Totally Wicked Fight for Ecigs

6 Feb

…….Storm the Bastille!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Bolton Smokers Club

I’ve been thinking about this little experiment for some time.

I have some home-grown stuff which is now several months aged (that is, picked and ‘cured’ around the beginning of September 2014). It really is weird that, after several months, whenever I open the plastic box in which the stuff is stored very dry, it still emits a strong, sweet smell. I don’t know what LegIron would say, but that suggests to me that there are still ‘volatile chemical reactions’ happening within the stuff. I don’t know what the smell might be. It could be ammonia, I suppose, but it does not quite smell like ammonia (the smell emitted by urine).

Anyway, I have decided upon a little experiment. I have taken a small sample of my home-grown stuff and treated it to a tot of whiskey. Here is a pic:

2015-02-05 22.46.55

(The fag packet is there to indicate the scale)

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