The Low Down on Nicotine and Memory

2 May

Another very spot on blog post highlighting the positives with Electronic Cigarettes. E Juice Connoisseur


As pioneers on the forefront of one of the biggest advancements in Health since the dawn of penicillin and the discovery of coffee, we vapers are well aware of the fact that it has been revealed through numerous studies that nicotine, by itself (sans the inclusion of all those nasty carcinogens generally associated with smoking tobacco) is not only harmless but may actually increase one’s mental acuity.  This is a fact that has been circulating around the e-cigarette-enthusiast community for quite some time now.  However, if you’re like me, when pressed in civil debate by the proverbial “haters,” you might be hard-pressed to come up with specific data to support the claim.  This article is being written to alleviate that problem and to add to our arsenal of scientifically-proven information available for immediate regurgitation when put in a position of having to defend e-cigarette technology.  And even if you rarely…

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