If your roommate smokes, and you can smell the smoke later, is that harmful smoke you are inhaling or is that just the odor of smoke?

27 Sep

It’s like blowing E-Cigarette Vapor in a microwave and claiming nano-particles of nicotine are carcinogenic. As Glandinitis has.

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Answer by Michael J. McFadden:

In terms of “how harmful” it is, you will find people out there who will tell you that *any* exposure is *very* harmful — but they will have a very hard time supporting that statement if you ask them for studies and figures. The main basis justifying smoking bans in the U.S. (which is one of the places where the ban movement most strongly started) was the EPA Report of 1992 that claimed a 19% increase in lung cancer among workers “exposed to smoke.”

That sounds pretty serious, right?

BUT… when you look at the number more closely (which most people never do of course, since it’s not part of the glitzy news story or antismoking literature they’re seeing) things begin to look different. Lung cancer in nonsmokers is a pretty rare disease: only about 0.4% of non-exposed nonsmokers will ever get it: about one…

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