Tobacco Duty Taxes

1 Nov


Bolton Smokers Club

Tobacco product Rate.
Cigarettes 16.5% of retail price plus £184.10 per 1,000 cigarettes.
Cigars £229.65 per kg.
Hand rolling tobacco £180.46 per kg.
Other smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco £100.96 per kg.


It appears that there is a proliferation of individuals who have been importing dried leaves and thus depriving the Revenue of vast amounts of duty taxes. It is not easy to calculate the actual losses to the Revenue since, among other things, cost of collection of Revenue is ignored. The fact is that when the UK had Tobacco Manufacturers, it was easy, and cheap, to extract vast amounts of Revenue from them with insignificant costs.


I mention the above because the Zealots and Charlatans in The Tobacco Control Industry seem to be intent upon stopping people buying ‘raw tobacco’. They claim that such people are ‘avoiding duty’.

Perhaps they are, but they have the human right…

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